Turning away too many potential customers due to poor credit?

  • We'll pay you $75 for sending them our way
  • We'll immediately send them back to you when they're fixed up
  • It's a win-win-win; you get money for otherwise dead leads, we get a client, the customer gets a chance at approval
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Why work with us?

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Over 3000 5-star reviews

Our results speak for themselves. If there’s anyone who can fix your leads credit so they can turn into a paying customer, it’s us

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It’s a win-win for you

Every dead lead is currently worth $0 to you. Partner with us and that becomes $75 + we can help you turn them into paying customers. What’s there to lose?

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We’re credit experts

If the only thing getting between you and your potential client is a poor credit score, we’re here to make that a thing of the past.

How does it work?

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Send us all of your leads that were rejected due to poor credit

We get it, people need to meet credit score thresholds in order to use your products. For all those that don’t meet the requirements, send them over to us. Every time one of your leads signs up for our services, we’ll pay you $75.


We’ll help your leads get their credit score up to where it needs to be

We’re experts in the credit industry, if there’s a way to get your leads credit score to where it needs to be, we’ll find it.

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We send your leads back to you, now qualified to use your products

Stop watching your leads disappear down the drain. Once they’re finished with us, we’ll point them back in your direction.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I get paid per lead?
For every billed signup to our service, you will get paid $75
How often do I get paid?
You’ll be paid every 30 days into your designated bank account, minus any refunds.
How do I send you my leads?
We’ll provide you with a unique phone number, simply get your leads to call that number and one of our credit experts will be happy to help.
How will I see my analytics?
We’ll send you your own reporting dashboard that will include important metrics such as:
  • Total calls
  • Total sales
  • Conversion rate
  • Total commission

Turn your dead leads into a revenue stream

Create yourself a new revenue stream, today!