How To Delete Medical Collections From Credit Report? (2022)

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2022

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If you struggle to make ends meet, paying your medical bills will feel like an uphill battle.  If a debt collector has sent your account to collections, don’t fret! You have options to consider for your next move.

How You Can Remove Medical Collections From Credit Report?

If a medical debt collection appears on your credit report you may feel discouraged, however there are solutions available to you. There are 3 primary methods you can use to have a medical debt collection removed from your credit report, these options are:

  • Request relief from the creditor by sending a goodwill letter,
  • Negotiate a settlement amount for the deletion of the account, or
  • Dispute the account until it is removed.

How Do Medical Debt Collections Affect Your Credit?

Any bills linked to your account that go unpaid for over 30 days can be reported as delinquent, which will negatively impact your credit score. This includes medical bills, which debt collectors can report as late on payment, delinquent or as a collection just to name a few.

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How Do I Negotiate A "Pay To Delete" Medical Collections Off My Credit Report?

First compile a pay to delete letter, this outlines a settlement agreement, or payment agreement with the collection agency. This is done in exchange for the complete removal of the account from your credit report. Once you have sent the letter you will await a reply from the agency to determine if they accept, or reject the request.

How Long Do Medical Collections Stay On Your Credit Report?

Once a medical collection has been reported and recorded on your credit report, it will remain there for seven years before it is removed. This will greatly impact your ability to obtain loans, credit, housing and other credit opportunities that may be available because the remark will continue to negatively affect your credit score until it is removed.

How You Can Dispute A Medical Debt Collection On Your Credit Report?

To successfully dispute a medical debt collection, you must first consider the tangible proof you have to base your dispute off of. If you are able to prove the information is inaccurate it will be corrected accordingly, or removed if it can’t be validated.

Any information that is deemed accurate by the credit bureau will remain reported until additional investigations can prove the account has been incorrectly recorded.

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