PayPal Cash back Mastercard Credit Score Needed.

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The PayPal Cashback Mastercard functions much like a rewards card, it affords the holder access to a revolving credit facility. Like credit cards, the PayPal credit account will be reported to the credit bureaus and listed on the consumer's credit report. This allows it to have an influence on the consumer's credit score.

Credit Score Needed For PayPal Credit

PayPal will consider applicants with credit scores of 670 or higher, however credit scores above 700 have a higher approval rate compared to meeting the minimum requirement.

PayPal emphasizes the influence applicants' credit scores have on the credit approval process. However, beyond the considerations afforded to the credit scores of applicants, PayPal also considers their:

  • Income after taxes
  • Employment status
  • Complete credit history

In addition to satisfying the requirements above, PayPal also requires applicants to have a maximum of only one existing PayPal account when applying.

Can A PayPal Account Affect Credit Score?

Once an item has been listed on a credit report it may either have a positive, negative, or neutral impact on an individual’s credit score.

Depending on how the account is handled it may either contribute positively, or negatively towards consumers credit scores. The nature of the account combined with the transgressions, or adherence thereof will influence the severity of the impact.

What Is PayPal Cashback Mastercard?

PayPal credit is a revolving credit account, affording account holders a reusable line of credit with the option to either pay immediately, or over time.

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PayPal Credit Denial

Applicants will receive an email detailing the reason(s) for their credit applications being rejected by PayPal. If the application is denied, applicants can only reapply 35 days after receiving the notice of denial.

Applicants should use the detailed reasons provided by PayPal to improve their credit score and likelihood of success while waiting to reapply. Individuals also have the choice of consulting credit repair specialists like Credit Sage. A professional team with extensive knowledge and experience when optimizing consumers credit scores based on their needs and circumstances.  

Bottom Line

Applicants must supply various private details and agree to a background credit check if they hope to  successfully obtain approval for PayPal credit. If their application is denied they may only reapply after 35 days have passed. Use the time to seek credit repair services to help bolster future applications to reflect their best possible credit profile.

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