Does AT&T Report To Credit Bureau?

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2022

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AT&T is a multinational telecommunications company based in the United States and ranks as the world’s largest telecommunications company by revenue. Lenders like AT&T are allowed to choose:

  • Whether they report information to credit bureaus,
  • Which credit bureaus they report to, and
  • What information is reported.

When Does AT&T Report To Credit Bureaus?

AT&T does not report consumer account information to any of the 3 major credit bureaus.  Reporting will only occur if negative information is to be reported. This generally occurs 3 – 5 days after the transgression, if specified requirements for using the credit card aren't met.

The statement date is set to coincide with the ending of the current billing cycle. Once a statement has been received, a new billing cycle will commence the next day. Billing cycles vary in length, typically spanning 30 to 45 days per cycle.

To determine your statement closing date, you can:

  • Review your credit statement.
  • Review billing information on online accounts.
  • Call the number on your credit card for customer services to verify it for you.

AT&T will not report your account to credit bureaus if it is maintained properly, it is therefore a poor method of building credit as it only serves to negatively impact your score if you miss a payment or any other kind of infringement.

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Is It Beneficial To Know When AT&T Will Report To Credit Bureaus?

By familiarizing yourself with the reporting schedule of AT&T you will have a better likelihood of ensuring a particular credit utilization ratio will be reported in association with your account. This will help improve your overall credit score over time.

By determining AT&T only reports consumer information if something negative has occurred, consumers looking to improve their overall credit score would not benefit from an AT&T account.

Bottom Line

AT&T reports consumer information if a transgression has occurred and reports to the 3 major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian). The reporting is done to coincide with the issuing of consumer statements and the end of the current billing cycle. Familiarizing and adhering to their reporting schedule will help increase your credit score over time.

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