How To Increase Target Red Credit Limit? (2022)

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2023

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The Target Red credit card is provided in partnership with TD Bank. Target Redcard account holders who maintain a consistently positive account status will be eligible for a limit increase on their cards. This can be done automatically, or initiated by the account holder if they wish to speed up the process.

How You Can Increase The Target Red Credit Limit?

Target Red provides their credit line in conjunction with TD bank. They will regularly review your existing credit line once you have a Target Red credit line for at least 3 months. The Target Redcard can be used in Target’s stores and on their website.  

Account holders who want to increase their Target Redcard limits can do so by either requesting an increase directly, or the limit is automatically updated due to in-house approval requirements being met.

You can call customer service at (800) 659-2396, or (800) 424-6888 to request the credit limit increase directly or inquire into your current eligibility status.

What is Target Red Credit?

Target Redcard is a credit card affording account holders a reusable line of credit with the option to either pay immediately, or overtime. The card also includes a 5% discount on all purchases at Target and requires no annual fee.

Target Red Credit is offered by TD Bank, approval requires a “hard” pull background check. TD Bank would review and consider the following requirements before the Target Red Credit application can be approved:

  • Credit score (minimum 700),
  • Total income after taxes,
  • Employment status, and
  • Credit history.

Tips for Using Target Red Credit Responsibly

Establishing responsible credit habits is a key part of maintaining financial health. Wise spending and timely payments are essential for establishing good credit standing, which can help you avoid future money problems.

To maximize the benefits of your card, make only purchases you can pay off in full each month. Monitor spending and keep an eye on credit utilization to stay within a healthy range. Set up automatic payments for timely bill payment – simple steps that create positive long-term financial outcomes!

Building credit responsibly is a smart way to gain financial freedom in the long-term. Taking care not to overspend will help you avoid debt and can eventually provide access to improved terms on loans, helping your wallet stay healthy.

What to Do If You're Denied a Target Red Credit Limit Increase

A denied limit increase request on a Target Red credit card can be disheartening, but it doesn't mean there's no way to move forward. Contacting customer service and understanding why the denial occurred is essential in order to take steps that may improve your chances of approval down the line. If this occurs due to low score or high utilization ratio, focus efforts on these areas for better creditworthiness!

To get your credit score in tip-top shape, make sure you pay bills on time and use the least amount of available credit. Once that's done, you can look into increasing your Target Red limit - just be careful not to overextend yourself by asking for too many increases at once; this could impact negatively on your score.

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How To Improve Credit Increase Chances For Target Red?

If you are actively seeking ways to improve your chances of being afforded the option to increase your Target Red credit limit you can try doing the following:

  • Consistently pay your minimum outstanding balance on time.
  • Review your credit reports regularly to ensure you maintain a strong credit score.
  • Monitor your debt to credit ratio, ensure you aren’t overextended with credit obligations.
  • Keep your Target Redcard account up to date.

Bottom Line

Target Red credit increases are generally approved if applicants possess a credit score above 700. Consumers who ensure a consistently good credit score are noted to have higher approval rates amongst other applicants. Consumers can further enhance their chances by using credit specialists like Credit Sage to help navigate the consumer's journey to their optimal creditworthiness.

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