How To Increase Military Star Credit Limit (2022)

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2022

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The Military Star credit account has similar applications to a credit card, it affords the holder access to a revolving credit facility. Much like credit cards, the Military Star credit account will be subject to credit limit increases, or decreases based on the requirements established by the lender.

How To Increase Your Military Star Credit Limit?

Military Star provides their credit line in conjunction with Synchrony bank. They will regularly review your existing credit line once you have had a Military Star credit line for at least 3 months. If your credit score and PayPal account remain up to date, you are likely to receive an invitation to increase your credit limit.

Military Star affords consumers the ability to request credit limit decreases, or the exclusion from credit limit increase invitations, however, consumers cannot request credit limit increases directly. Consumers must rely on maintaining a consistently good credit score to receive a credit increase invitation.

What Is Military Star Credit?

Military Star credit is a revolving credit account, affording account holders a reusable line of credit with the option to either pay immediately, or over time. Annual interest rates of new Military Star credit accounts range up to 23.99% asof January 2022. The interest rate

Military Star Credit is offered by Synchrony Bank, approval requires a “hard” pull background check. Synchrony Bank would review and consider the following requirements before the Military Star Credit application can be approved:

  • Credit score (minimum 670),
  • Total income after taxes,
  • Employment status, and
  • Credit history.

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How To Improve Credit Increase Likelihood

If you are actively seeking ways to improve your chances of being afforded the option to increase your Military Star credit limit you can try doing the following:

  • Consistently pay your minimum outstanding balance on time,
  • Review your credit reports regularly to ensure you maintain a strong credit score,
  • Monitor your debt to credit ratio, ensure you aren’t overextended with credit obligations.
  • Keep your Military Star account up to date.

Bottom Line

Military Star credit is provided in partnership with Synchrony bank. The two entities will regularly review PayPal credit accounts older than 3 months to determine whether customers must have their credit decreased, or invited to increase their limit.

Military Star credit increases are generally by invitation only, ensuring a consistently good credit score and PayPal account is reported in order to increase your likelihood of receiving the invite. Consumers can further enhance their chances by using credit specialists like Credit Sage to help navigate the consumer's journey to their optimal credit rating.

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