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Apple provides a financing option to customers that want to purchase products but are unable to because they either don’t have enough money, or desire large quantities of products in a single purchase.

To be approved for Apple financing the customer will need to meet specific requirements, particularly having an excellent credit score.

Credit Score Requirements For Apple Financing

Apple will consider applicants with credit scores of 600 or higher, however credit scores above 640 have a higher approval rate compared to meeting the minimum requirement.

Apple emphasizes the influence applicants' credit scores have on the credit approval process. However, beyond the considerations afforded to the credit scores of applicants, Apple also considers customers:

  • Income after taxes
  • Employment status
  • Complete credit history

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What If Apple Financing Application Is Rejected?

If the customer fails to meet the requirements during the approval process, Apple will communicate the reasons for the rejection by email to the customer's Apple ID used to apply for the Apple financing.

Reviewing the reasons before reapplying is advised to avoid being rejected again. Consumers who fail to meet the financing requirements of Apple should consider reviewing their credit reports. Removing negative items and inaccuracies is a fast and effective way to boost credit scores.

Consumers unfamiliar with the credit repair process can consult specialists in the field, like Credit Sage. Incorporating specialist knowledge in the credit repair process ensures the consumer achieves the most optimal credit score possible subject to their surrounding circumstances.

Bottom Line

Apple offers financing options as an additional payment method for their customers to make use of. The financing option requires approval by Apple with a minimum credit score of 600 being required for consideration.

Consumers who are rejected are advised to review their credit reports and to improve their credit scores. Hiring credit repair specialists like Credit Sage will streamline the repair process with only the best available credit score as their goal, consumers are sure to be approved upon their reapplication.

Looking for help with Apple Financing Credit Score?

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